Alerium Services, LTD

Formed in mid-to-late 2018, Alerium Services is a South African based Software Development Agency, that utilizes existing sandbox platforms (mainly, Minecraft and Roblox) to create fun, unique and enjoyable experiences which are enjoyed by thousands of gamers worldwide!

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Interested in working on innovative and cool projects with a team of amazing people? Well, we'd love to have you!

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what we do

Software Development

from $30/hr

Providing enterprise-grade software development solutions to bolster your Minecraft Server's optimal performance all in one efficient, lightweight package. We produce easily deployable, optimizable, and scalable software to cater to your needs after our extensive programming process.

Project Management

from $500/m

Alerium Services provides quality and time-efficient Project Management services to optimize the day-to-day operations of your Minecraft Server. We implement a management plan fully aware of the scope, time, and budget of your project. This structure allows us to effectively curate our services to fit your Minecraft Server's needs.

Community Management

from $300/m

Providing quality Community Management services to optimize the day-to-day player experience and engagement on your Minecraft Server. We implement a community management plan to engage and positively interact with your community. With this plan in place, we guarantee that your players will have a more enjoyable in-game experience.

Game Design

from $1,000/project

Alerium Services provides quality and creatively-inspired Game Design servers to bring your Minecraft Server's vision to life through visual design, creative writing, and creative infrastructure. We take the creative lead in making your Minecraft Server's stunning in-game experiences for your players, taking care in each step to make sure every aspect is as enjoyable as possible.

Server Optimization

from $250/server

Providing easily deployable and scalable Minecraft Server optimizations to assist you in scaling your server to run seamlessly while supporting hundreds of players on a day-to-day basis without incident. We handle reconfiguration, plugin/resource evaluation, RAM modifications, statistic and data analysis, and more to make sure your Minecraft Server's performing at its best 24/7.

System Administration

from $20/hr

Alerium Services provides quality and enterprise-grade System Administration services to bolster your Minecraft Server's back-end system's software, hardware, and workstations. We provide a system analysis with solutions to fix all vulnerabilities to ensure your systems are secure and performing optimally on a day-to-day basis.


The above includes a list of our most sought after services! If you are looking for something else, please do not hesitate to contact us!

who we've worked with


Aside from just working on our own games and projects, we have worked alongside some really cool people, many of which you might know!


The above list isn't at all complete, and is way more expansive! We've worked directly with tons of smaller creators and networks, too!

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