Alerium Services, LTD

Alerium Services, LTD is a newly formed Software Development Agency based in South Africa that aims to create unique game servers with interesting concepts that are both competitive and enjoyable!

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Do you want to create fun & innovative projects with a team full of talented & creative people from all around the world?

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Software Development


From ordinary Bukkit plugins to web based applications to standalone applications, no task is too large for our Software Developers to complete. Each project is created completely in-house and from the ground up with efficienty, ease of use and endless user customisation in mind.

Project Management


Our Project Managers effectively coordinate both teams and projects to ensure everything is delievered on time, and with the highest quality possible. From concept to release, we will work directly with you in project handling, efficient marketing, and proficcient team recruitment.

Game Design


Our Game Designers will work with your team directly to help deliver the best player experience, and provide innovative concepts to further enhance your project; all whilst strictly following your creative vision. We will also handle all the needed assets to help turn your vision into a playable experience.

Server Optimisation


Our Server Optimisation package caters for all elements (plugin based lag, memory leaks, as well as various in-game factors). Each task is unique per server, and varies depending on your gamemode, and base server version. Ensuring players have an uninterrupted, fun experience is at the heart of what we do.


The above list containes our most saught after services. If you are in need of something that is not listed, please do not hesitate contact us.



We strive to provide each client with a reliable and amazing experience! We have worked with multiple enterprise-level networks owned by various content creators in the past. An incomplete list of our most notable clients can be found below.


Combined with the numerous Content Creators mentioned above, we have also worked directly with over 30 other networks; providing them with reliable and quality services.



Looking to take the quality of your project to the next level? Want to know more about what we offer? Just want to have a chat? Message us below! We strive to reply to all emails within 24 hours.